Riverfall, poetry by Simmons B. Buntin

About the Book.

Riverfall, by Simmons B. Buntin.

From its beginning—with a body “ecstatic in the swirling / rhythm of itself”—to its closing—“the slow echo of stone chipping stone”—Riverfall is a collection of poetry filled with the real and imagined geography within and around us.

The first section, A Body of Water, spans the Western hemisphere, from the trickle of a mountain stream to a series of eloquent letters by Charles Darwin to his sister, circa 1832.

On the Orchard’s Edge explores the brambly places at the edges of fields and mangrove swamps and startling memories.

The book closes with The Last Harvest, a selection of beautiful, mythical, and often haunting reflections on place, and the places we can no longer attain.

Altogether, Riverfall possesses you like the archaeologist in “The Bone,” where you’ll find yourself “flowering / down while my blood runs to the river.”

Salmon Poetry.